Monday, 30 December 2013

My Favourite Song

This is my favourite song as this song encourages me to overcome fears and difficulties. Cause it tells me to be a champion, and I have to try my best, if not I will never know if I am able to be on the walls in the hall of fame. :D

Saturday, 14 December 2013

A video clip that caught my attention


The title of the video clip: Bermuda Triangle: what happened to Flight 19?

This video clip is about the disappearence of five planes that went through Bermuda Triangle. The triangle covers the seas between, Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.  Thousands of planes and ships have gone missing inside of the mysterious Bermuda triangle. 

  • I have learnt that Bermuda triangle covers an area that is one and a half million square miles. 
  • The myth of Bermuda triangle began on the fifth of December 1945 when a group of five air crafts mysteriously disappeared. 
  • The myth about Bermuda triangle has never been solved until now.

Good ''Digital'' Practices


Digital Citizenship - Random Thoughts

Monday, 9 December 2013

About me (l)

Hi, my name is Tan Sze Shyuan Terene. I would like my peers to address me as Terene. 

My hobbies are hanging out with my friendslistening to music and  playing minecraft with my friends. I also love playing with my younger sister and two chubby rabbits

My personality: I can be a shy girl and I can also be a very crazy person. It depends on who I am with. I will start off timid on the first day of school. However, after I will get comfortable and start socialising with others. 

My behaviour: I am considered a hardworking person when it comes to examinations but when I am with my friends, I will be very loud

That's all for my first blog, just hope that I am doing it right! ><

Cheers, Terene Tan