Monday, 9 December 2013

About me (l)

Hi, my name is Tan Sze Shyuan Terene. I would like my peers to address me as Terene. 

My hobbies are hanging out with my friendslistening to music and  playing minecraft with my friends. I also love playing with my younger sister and two chubby rabbits

My personality: I can be a shy girl and I can also be a very crazy person. It depends on who I am with. I will start off timid on the first day of school. However, after I will get comfortable and start socialising with others. 

My behaviour: I am considered a hardworking person when it comes to examinations but when I am with my friends, I will be very loud

That's all for my first blog, just hope that I am doing it right! ><

Cheers, Terene Tan


  1. Hey Terene!
    I'm Sophia, I sat beside you during 'a day @ SST'. Do you remember me?

  2. Hi, Sophia! Of course I remember you! Hope that we will be close in SST! And hope that we are in the same class!